The Mark I

The Mark I is an expedition-worthy kayak. It’s design and construction features make this the perfect folding single kayak for those interested in stability in unknown conditions, extended wilderness trips, sailing, fishing or daily cruising. The Mark I can easily accommodate a larger body type and extra gear. It also provides stability, maneuverability and speed. Combining these qualities with Long Haul’s legendary strength and reliability gives paddlers the ultimate in confidence whether at the local lake or on the Mackenzie River headed towards the Artic Circle.

The Mark I Classic Package – $3,905

Travel Bags

Foot Brace

Sling Seat

Rudder Assembly

Velcro Tuck Under Spray Cover

Longren Packing Sleeve


LHBP-101 Mark I Kayak Packages include:

  • Mark I Model Kayak
  • Set of two Travel bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Sling seat
  • Velcro Tuck-Under Spraycover
  • Foot Brace
  • Complete Rudder Assembly

The Mark I Expedition Package – $4,515



Oval Deck Hatches

Set Of 3 Classic Packing Bags

Foot Brace

Paddle Tie Downs

Longren Packing Sleeves

Complete Rudder Assembly

Bow Handles

Sling Seat


Stem Grab Handles


LHBP-102 Mark I Expedition Kayak Packages include:

  • Mark I Expedition Model Kayak
  • Spraycover of Your Choice
  • Set of 3 Classic Packing Bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Sling seat
  • Lifeline
  • Foot Brace
  • Complete Rudder Assembly
  • Keelstrips
  • Oval Deck Hatches
  • Bow & Stem Grab Handles
  • Paddle Tie Downs