The York Canoe

The York is a completely unique 3 person folding Canoe that is every bit as capable as our line of Folding Kayaks. The York has several advantages as a larger vessel: bigger hull, bigger payload bays, it is extremely effective for fishing, it has easier access to the cargo bay than a kayak. The York is the largest folding boat on the market, and it’s built with the safe craftsmanship and reliability as all Long Haul vessels.

The Classic York Canoe Package – $4,300

Travel Bags

3 Canoe Seats

Tuck Under Triple Spray Cover

Longren Packing Sleeve


LHBP-801 The Classic York Canoe Package Includes:

  • The York Model Canoe
  • Set of Three Travel bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Three Canoe Seats
  • Tuck-Under Triple Spraycover
  • Foot Pads

The York Commando Canoe Package – $6,645

Black Painted Frame

Rubber Reinforced Deck Along Cockpit at Hull Seam

Set Of 3 Classic Packing Bags

Two 2.5″ Keelstips

Touch Codes

Longren Packing Sleeve

One 10″ Keelstrip

4 Paddle Tie Downs

12 Heave Duty Tie Down Points

Heel Pad

Bow & Stern Grab Handles

Double Decking

Triple Expedition Spraycover With Skirts



LHBP-801C The York Commando Canoe Package Includes:

  • The York Commando Canoe Model Kayak
  • Black Painted Frame
  • Touch Codes
  • 12 Heavy Duty Tie Down Points
  • Double Decking On Bow and Stern
  • Rubber Reinforced Deck Along Cockpit at Hull Seam
  • Triple Expedition Tuck Under Cover
  • Set of 3 Classic Packing Bags
  • Longren Packing Sleeve
  • Footpad
  • Lifeline
  • One 10″ Keelstrip
  • Two 2.5″ Keelstrips
  • Oval Deck Hatches
  • Bow & Stem Grab Handles
  • 4 Paddle Tie Downs